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Go to Market Program (Expert Panel & Sales Kits)

LookLeft partners are particularly adept at evaluating the biopharmaceutical and affiliated markets for penetration by technology and services providers that have succeeded in other industry verticals — where the technology or service clearly has broader application. LookLeft has a three phase Go to Market Program. In Phase 1 we first evaluate whether or not the solution is interesting to life sciences companies. LookLeft has access to senior level individuals currently working in major pharmaceutical companies and healthcare organizations who provide LookLeft clients, through participation on an Expert Panel, with executive opinions, advice and ideas as to whether or not such technologies or service offerings have commercial potential in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device or healthcare industries. If there is a positive nod at the end of Phase 1, in Phase 2 LookLeft prepares the client with sales collateral, website modifications, a brochure, a PowerPoint presentation, a position on regulatory compliance — and introduces the client into potential customers to ascertain if the solution truly has traction in this marketspace. If Phase 2 has a positive outcome, we move into Phase 3 of the Go to Market Program where LookLeft completes the transition of the marketing and sales responsibilities to the internal organization. In Phase 3 LookLeft provides marketing and technical communications management and creates “sales kits” for clients who accept the challenge of selling into this space, providing a roadmap to help navigate through the marketplace.

Considering the cost of sales with long sales cycles and regulatory constraints such as 21 CFR Part 11, LookLeft believes that it is critical to provide an educated foundation upon which software and services vendors that consider entering this difficult but potentially lucrative market can make better “go/no go” decisions.

When clients do decide to sell into this space, LookLeft, unlike most consultancies, and when appropriate, can parley relationships between industry clients and software or service providers that are mutually beneficial. From marketing and sales support to forging strategic partnerships and meeting potential buyers, through the Go to Market Program, LookLeft has the contacts and knowledge base to help this group of clients shorten the time between a go decision and the first sale.


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