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Build Versus Buy Analysis and Vendor Assessment Programs

In a proper build versus buy analysis there are numerous hard and soft metrics to consider. LookLeftGroup partners have accumulated vast experience in this area and have defined a process that focuses on the subset that are key variables, which facilitates a rapid build versus buy analysis.

The needs analysis phase is critical and establishes the foundation for our rapid analysis approach. Understanding management objectives, budget parameters, current and planned technology infrastructure, and use case requirements allow an expert and swift vendor assessment, honing in quickly on the applications that seem most likely to satisfy overall requirements. This eliminates the need for the RFI/RFP process - an exercise that brings little value — and cuts to the chase. Then, with a risk analysis and a cost effectiveness comparison against the effort necessary to “build it” — looking at the most significant factors such as IT strategy and resource implications — a decision can be made.

Whether the decision is to build or to buy, operational issues such as training, user adoption planning, SOP development, process mapping and regulatory compliance preparedness are standard fare and should be completed while the buy versus build analysis is underway.

If the decision is to build the solution, LookLeftGroup can provide application design, requirements definitions, project management and quality management — within the boundaries of regulatory compliance.

If the choice is to use a vendor, LookLeftGroup can provide a comprehensive vendor assessment; design a pilot project for evaluation with an integration and implementation plan in place that is ready to roll if the evaluation is positive, and an option plan in place if the evaluation fails.


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