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Michael R. Bien
Partner, LookLeftGroup

Michael Bien specializes in the areas of information technology, remote data capture, and project management. He is an associate professor at LaSalle University in the Math and Computer Science department where he teaches graduate level software engineering and project management. Read More »

Tom Bloomfield
Partner, LookLeftGroup

Tom Bloomfield has software experience ranging from training and support, to design, engineering, and development. Mr. Bloomfield has served as the database architect on a highly-flexible and robust Web-based medical research application, designed to facilitate collaboration among researchers across disparate geographic locations. Read More »

Brian J. Chadwick
Partner, LookLeftGroup

Brian Chadwick brings more than 20 years of experience in the areas of healthcare, clinical research, and technology to LookLeftGroup. He is recognized for his ability to jump start new businesses in the healthcare and clinical development sectors and as a leader in the effort to infuse technology into clinical research and healthcare processes. Read More »

David A. Evans
Partner, LookLeftGroup

David Evans is a senior technology and clinical research executive with over twenty years experience in the clinical research, regulatory and healthcare industries. Mr. Evans is recognized industry-wide as a leading technology visionary for developing and implementing complex process and system solutions. Read More »

Len Nethersole
Partner, LookLeftGroup

Len Nethersole is a business technology executive with over 20 years experience in the areas of technology, clinical research and healthcare. His expertise lies in analyzing complex business problems and providing creative solutions by leveraging existing IT and new technologies to improve business functions and create new business opportunities. Read More »

Michael Petrarca
Partner, LookLeftGroup

Michael Petrarca specializes in international clinical drug development operations and data management in both traditional and e-Business sectors. His primary interest is in using technology and the Internet to accelerate the drug development process. Read More »

Barbara Riegger
Partner, LookLeftGroup

Barbara has been in the application training space for more than 25 years. Her primary focus is providing training for life sciences and healthcare professionals in the integration of new clinical systems with existing desk top applications. She also provides application support for users and assists in the development of support infrastructure such as helpdesk. Read More »

Linda Strause, PhD.
Partner, LookLeftGroup

Linda Strause is a Specialized Consultant in Clinical Research assisting pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies in numerous aspects of drug development. Dr. Strause has over 25 years in the drug development industry, and has recently joined the NCQA Advisory Board and is Chair of the Subcommittee on Standards overseeing the accreditation of institutions and investigators in clinical research. Read More »

Joseph S. Ward
Partner, LookLeftGroup

Joseph Ward has extensive senior executive experience in early ventures and mid-size enterprises, specializing in the areas of marketing, alliance and sales operations, IT solutions and product development. He has established a solid track record for initiating early ventures and accelerating ongoing operations. Read More »


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