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Michael Petrarca
Partner, LookLeftGroup

Brief Bio

Michael Petrarca specializes in international clinical drug development operations and data management in both traditional and e-Business sectors. His primary interest is in using technology and the Internet to accelerate the drug development process, his areas of expertise include:

  • Patient Recruitment and Retention strategy and implementation,
  • Investigator site, network/platform & local healthcare systems integration
  • SMO scalability
  • Site and strategic partnerships
  • European eDC vendor analysis, selection and management
  • eDC process and workflow integration solutions
  • eDC system/process training (internal and site)
  • Business plan development, analysis and ROI plans/analysis for eDC solutions, and
  • European eMeeting/eLearning technology.

Mr. Petrarca has proven experience in the start-up and management of successful companies in the clinical research, data management and e-health sectors on both sides of the ocean. He has a valued understanding of relationships within and between, the development and commercial sides of the pharmaceutical sector.

After graduating from Trinity College with a B.S. in Biochemistry, Mr. Petrarca entered the United States Navy where he was commissioned as an officer and trained as a Naval Aviator. Upon leaving the Navy in 1987, he joined the Sales and Marketing team at Pfizer Inc. Mr. Petrarca background includes working with another major pharmaceutical company and two major CROs. Mr. Petrarca was a cofounder and served as Managing Director of the European arm of a global company that specializes in using the Internet, informatics technology, and proprietary applications to accelerate and improve the launch of clinical trials. Mr. Petrarca also led a telemedicine organization which specialized in real-time cardiac and vital signs monitoring, and disease management.


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