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Len Nethersole
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Brief Bio

Len Nethersole is a business technology executive with over 20 years experience in the areas of technology, clinical research and healthcare. His expertise lies in analyzing complex business problems and providing creative solutions by leveraging existing IT and new technologies to improve business functions and create new business opportunities.

Len recently served as a director, global business technology and senior strategic advisor on emerging technologies for expediting the drug development process for the Clinical Operations and Outcomes Research Divisions for Pfizer, Inc. During this time Len developed and implemented a global strategy for processing clinical trials, enabling the business to utilize Pfizer standard processes and systems around the world. This resulted in the building of data repositories that allow for analysis of data across 56 countries. The centers utilize electronic data capture systems (both remote data entry and OCR), document management systems, data management and analysis systems and safety systems.

Len has developed many Web-based solutions to facilitate the aggregation and analysis of clinical research outcomes data and has experience in the healthcare, financial, insurance and telecommunications industries.

Since receiving his degree from the M.I.T. Sloan School, Len has been at the forefront of leading technologies and is recognized as a leader in the practical application of emerging technologies.


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